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Need Info on the REKAT Escalator

Jedi Knife

May 6, 1999
I was looking at the ad in the July Blade mag. (pg. 95), and I got my first look at the Escalator. I find it quite intriguing, but the ad gives little specific info. about it. The ad says
: "The world's only Tactical Knife(sic) designed to be used closed and open"[unquote] Can anyone tell me what this means?
I've been to the REKAT website, and I couldn't find any info. on this knife there, perhaps I overlooked it? I would rather believe that as opposed to the possibility that they don't update their website.
Is this knife "chisel ground"? (Sure hope not.)
Thank you for any more info. you can provide. You folks are great!


There's more than one way to skin a cat!
My standard, 0ff-the-shelf Escalator is not chisel ground.

You'll notice in the picture of the Escalator shown on the URL that James provided, that the Escalator has several protrusions that, while not cutting-sharp, are certainly not rounded over as most other knives are. The shape of the knife is specifically designed for striking and joint-locking techniques such as those in the Filipino martial arts.

You may wish to read the Butterfly Knives thread on this same forum since, prior to the invention of the Escalator, this roll was played by the Bali-Song (butterfly knife), and there is some discussion there including comments from Bram.

Bram has also promised a video.


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I was away for awhile..lets see if I get on.
The Escalator has a diamond shaped cross section and is Hollow ground. The thumb ramp can be used to do Dillman pressure point, filipino guntings and the overall handle can be used to do Small Circle jujitsu..
The horns or the guard areas can be used for pinching grabbing and other pain compliance methods.
Come to the Blade Show and I'll show you WHY I designed it. Plus those at the Blade show will be able to see the new holster for the Escalator from SKUNKWORKS. It fits on one's Batman utility belt and holds the Escalator in ready position, Just reach, snap it out as you strike with the ramp! Shoulder Rig is under way as well.
Actuall in todays litiginous society, where one can sue another over ANYTHING, ones methods of self defense must reflect that. Hence an edged tool that escalates in force as needed from non lethal to lethal with all shades of grey in between.
Have a great day! See you all at the Show!
Not going to blade show, playing ninja all weekend with the good Dr., Bram, not gonna get to see Hock but will soon. Gimme a price on Skunkwoks holster when you get a chance.

I own one of the firtst five escalators made, does not have the thumb stud and am highly impressed. I do not know if I can be nearly as eloquent as I have been made out to be a second time, but quite honestly the Escalator is the most intelligently designed folder I have even seen or owned. The blade is double ground, mind bogglingly sharp and I cut myself whenever I play with it b/c I am an idiopt and still do not realize how effective this little tool is. There is an excellent thread on this knife in either "Knives" or "Tactical" about two months or so back. Go find it it is well worth it.

More later, my 10:00 is here. Oh, and Bram, you do get on, or is that go on, or is that me that goes on? Good to see you back, Klingon. When's my Escalator Tape ready?

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Thanks Bob,
That was exactly what I was after! I went to roundeye.com but the Escalator wasn't there.