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Need Kershaw MiniTask Allen wrench for handle...

Mar 1, 2000
I need the little tiny allen wrench for my Kershaw MiniTask's handle. The two screws holding the carbonfiber overlay on. It might be torx... i'm not sure. Where can I get this wrench? Thanks for your time!

Shrubba,That is a torx head screw,size T-6.Benchmade makes a very compact torx driver kit that contains it and the one that fits the MiniTask pivot and other sizes.One Stop Knife Shop sells them.I just got a MiniTask today.Sweet little knife.
I have the benchmade kit, and the T-6 does not fit... it is too big. Maybe my minitask is older and has different size screws.
You are talking about the two small screws holding on the carbon fiber layer, right?

My eyes aren't the greatest but I think it says t-6,anyhow it is the smallest driver in the BM kit.Yes the 2 screws in the(I think) G-10 handle scale.This torx bit also fits the screws in the clip of my MiniTask and the screws in the handle and clip of my older RandomTask.Are you talking about the little blue BM torx kit with the belt clip?This is what I have.
Yeah... it's the same kit. The T-6 is the smallest in the kit. It fits my Stryker and 720 screws for the handle G-10 and the clips... but not my MiniTask... still too big...

Ahhh! I wish Kershaw would have used T-6 earlier!

Thanks for your time and help,
I saw drivers down to T3 size at one
website (wiha tools something... wiha.com?)
but they were kind of expensive, about
$5.00 per driver. Ok if you know exactly
which driver you need, but I'd like to
get a set of Torx bits that covers all
these small screws in my CRTK Bear Claw
and the Mini-task.

Anybody know where a good set of bits
can be had?

REgards and stay sharp,
Walt, who buys too much gear
I suggest that you put your knife in your pocket, and head for your local Sears or hardware store. I'll bet you can find the correct wrench/driver that way!

Dann Fassnacht
Aberdeen, WA
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It takes a spline wrench not torx. I got a set from McMaster-Carr.

Roger Blake
The older mini task used a different screw than some of the newer ones. If it's the same as the ones that hold the clip on my older one, I took an old allen set and carefully stoned the flats on the smallest wrench in the set until it fit just right. of course its no good for anything else now unless I cut it back.