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Need Knife References or Contacts

Oct 14, 1998
A couple of us forumites have been trying to help other forumites identify some of their old knives. We've been partially successfull, but have come up short in one area and need some more expertise.

I need some knife references (books or knifemakers) who have good knowledge of Solingen, Germany bladed knives. Goins Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings doesn't seem to have all the necessary markings. We're coming up short on knives made in Germany for the American market. We've checked The Standard Knife Collectors Guide (Ritche & Stewart), Levine's Guide to Knives and Their Values (4th Edition), Antique Knives (Voyles) and a couple less popular ones.

Anybody know if there is a book specific to Solingen similar to the ones for Sheffield?

Thanks in Advance for any help you can provide.
ok, I'm doing my homework. Over on rec.knives this morning I found www.wilkins-knives.com. The guy there helped someone identify a Solingen blade made by a family business which no longer exists.

I emailed him an SOS, so hopefully he might lend a hand here. You forumites should check his site, though. Not a lot of knives, but what's there looks practical.
Yes, forumites I am talking to myself here.

I'm hoping one of the real experts out there will take pity on me and send a contact or reference my way.

The word is "SOLINGEN markings".

The contact at wilkins-knives returned a nice cordial, but no-help-available reply.

The search goes on.

Thanx for your continued effort Bob. Hopefully someone knoledgable will take the time to reply. -AR