Need opinion on Browning Pirahna


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Nov 7, 2000
Give me your opinion on the Browning Pirahna folders and Browning knives in general.
I have the Pirhana with the tanto blade and serrations. It's not a bad knife. A little overpriced, but good quality. The only complaint I have had is that the blade stop pin will bend (it's a Ti screw through a sleeve) if you abuse the knife (gives the blade some up/down play). Abuse is excessively hard wrist snaps (guilty!) and chopping with it as if it were an ax (guilty!). The fix is easy though, just give the screw a slight turn or exchange it with one of the others used in the knife.

I like this knife because it's BURLY. It has a thick blade and thick handles. Other than that one screw, it is built like a tank.

Keep in mind that you will pay as much for this knife as you would for a Benchmade, Kershaw, etc. I haven't used any of those, so I don't know if they'll stand up any better to the abuse I give mine, but it's something to consider...