Need opinion on CRKT Kasper

Feb 2, 1999
Does anyone have opinions on the CRKT Kasper as a utility knife? I know it was intended as a fighter but the shape suggests that it might be a good worker as well.
Whaddaya think?
I dunno about thatl. It is pretty big and bulky, and the handle is configured specifically for a fighting grip, not so versitile for daily chores. Also I think the steel is AUS 6 or 6A or something less than phenomenal - fine for keeping sharp if only used for combat (which likely doesn't occur too much) but maybe won't stand up to daily use too well, in terms of keeping it always "fighting sharp." That said, it is a COOL knife at a great price, very "neato for the masses" who can't (like me) afford the original custom. So, I would DEFINITELY handle this knife before you contemplate buying it as a daily user. My .02.

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I had a chance to handle a small kasper folder at the local cutlery store yesterday. For the price, I think it is useable for utility, my thinking is that you could get a better knife, but you would pay more, all around, it would be a knice knife to have around.

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I love mine, impressed by the quality.
Hasn't been my daily carry, 'cuz i just can't stop carrying my Commander...

It's not very expensive even here in Sweden so just get one and try it out!
Sometimes one's gotta take a risk

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