Need Opinion on Kershaw


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Oct 18, 2004
I want to buy a Kershaw knife , but I'm stuck on two models. I like the Leek and the Blur.
Since I'm buying from a catalog I can't handle them, the Leek appears to be slightly smaller , but the two tone finish looks nicer.

Does anyone have an opinion as to which model is nicer?

It's a little hard to compare these two, being that their styles are so different. The Leek has a sort of stilleto aura about it, where the Blur is more designed as a hard work knife geared towards heavy cutting.
The Leek holds like a shiv. It's skinny, it's light, and if that's what you are looking for, then this is the one. However some people with very large hands still think that it is too small.
The Blur feels sort of like a... I dunno, a big ol' thing with griptape and an aluminium frame. The point is, that you can really grab it. It's great for people with larger hands, and still good for people with little girly hands like me!

If you go with the Leek, I recomend not getting one with the aluminium scales. I agree that they look really nice, but they don't feel very good. The integrity of the lock decreases, as it goes from frame to liner. From the many I've handled, the tortion bar seems less strong then on the frame lock.

Good luck, and tell us how you like what you choose!

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Thanks for you perspective, Yeah I'm leaning towards the Leek, but you suggest the SS scales?

There are two things I don't like about the Leek.

1. The ergo's aren't really there (for me anyway)

2. I don't really think the flipper big (tall) enough.

I would suggest the Scallion, smaller, but it feels way better to me...
JPD1998 said:

Thanks for you perspective, Yeah I'm leaning towards the Leek, but you suggest the SS scales?


No scales on the one I suggest. The handle is not separated from the frame/liner at all. Scales would be attached to the handle. And I'm saying that I think it feels better; I'm sure someone would disagree with me.

After I replied I found the solid SS model

Thanks again

and Underaged too
The leek has more of a wharncliffe balde, much slimmer. The blur is much larger, stout blade. I would go with the avalanche, a little more, but worth it. I have owned almost allthe ken onion speedsafes, except for the boa.
I bought the Leek, black combo blade and black handle.

I had a 10% off coupon so it was only 40.00

Thanks everyone