need opinions on kershaw whirlwind

Dec 15, 1999
I need you guys' opinions on the kershaw whirlwind. I am seriously looking to buy one.
I have one and it is one of the best "bang for the buck" folders out there.

So, what IS the speed of dark?

I have found mine very useful. Fit and Finish are very good. Good ergonomics (it fits in my hand very well). It came very sharp and it is easy to sharpen on my sharp maker. And best of all the Ken Onion assisted opening works great. I have no problem with the mechanism or thumb cuts.

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I agree with Misque, it's one of my keepers.
But check out the Blackout, it doesn't have
the cheesy looking holes in the blade; I
really like mine.
Cheesey looking holes...... I'm crushed,smitten , I'm a broken man,this won't be easy to over come.Wo is me, time to crawl into my shell ..
Really it's ok I think I'm tough enough to take it the wounds will heal eventualy.

Sorry !
I just got a new Blackout and it is really cool. Basically it is the same knife as the Whirlwind with the black coated blade.

My Kershaw Mini Task is still one of my overall favorite knives. I think the Ken Onion knives are Great!
Ken, I love the reply, sorry you feel bad! I like the holes.
As for the knife, I am a hardwood floors installer, so I deal with dust and finish all the time, I had to clean the knife and found it to be a real pain in the butt. The assisted opening is just not the same, the knife was a pain to re-assmble.
Just my feeling, and my position.

Take care of the tools that take care of you

I loved the holes! Hey Ken.... what about putting the next holes in at an angle, kinda like the three ports on a '56 Buick .
No "unwanted" openings. I've been carrying mine daily ( and using it daily) for several months. Works great, still snaps open quick, no wobble, sharpens nicely.
well i don't know if this helps any; i just bought a Random Task and it has become my daily carry whenever i'm wearing a folder! solid, solid, solid. and man does it open smoother than a working girl on a Friday night! i love the action on this knife; my friend (LEO) was looking at an auto, but wait until he sees this! if the other models are anything like the Task, i give it my total recommendation! Buy one, BUY one, BUY ONE!!
>>>>>>>The opinion of the author is his own; no solicitation or payment was made to the author for this opinion. The author of above statement is in no way related to Mr. Onion. However, if Mr. Onion would like to donate, purely as a gift, the mini Task, well, we could just call it my Birthday gift since i just turned 35. hee, hee, hee.

The steel in the blade on both the Whirlwind & Blackout is 440-A.

The heat treat on these seems to be better than on some other brands I have had in the past.Sharp, and holds and edge well.Also easy to sharpen.

Just my .02 cents.

My Whirlwind is a daily carry; well, almost. I have three favorite knives and one is always in my hip pocket, while the others are awaiting their turn in my briefcase. The Whirlwind has held its edge well and I have yet to sharpen it. BUT most of all.... I love opening it!
The only problem I've had is with the clip; it has been bent out (sprung?) twice. Guess it got caught on something, but none of my other knives with clips have had that problem. All in all, though, I love it!

Rod Sullivan
If it ain't broke, fix it till it is!