Need recommendations ( long post )

Dec 14, 2000
Hi everybody. I'm a new member and I need some suggestions for a knife and bladesmith. I do a lot of hunting in the Rockies(deer and elk) and spend a fair amount of time in the bush as a result of the military. I've been looking at a Randall #25 trapper. It feels great in my hand. I've also been looking for a #5 to compare it to but no luck finding one yet. I'm just not sure of the overall construction though. The tangs and handles look a little flimsy. They look great and my local Randall dealer said they would never break under normal use. I'm a fanatic about taking care of my equipment but I'm worried about emergency situations. I need a good hunting/general camping knife that is tough as hell and keep a good edge. Feel free to e-mail me directly if you like. Thanks for any leads or suggestions.

Welcome aboard! Try posting this on the General forum. More traffic and that is really where this belongs. BTW, while you are there, check out the post on bowies. Also try a search on Allen Blade or Matt Lamey. They difinitley have what you need for equal or less than a Randall. Flimsy? Definitely not.
Uh-oh... sounds like you could be on the verge of developing a serious knife addiction, like the rest of us. You might also look into Marble's, which offers some of the best carbon steel blades around (52100), or Cold Steel, whose Master Hunter in Carbon V is a superb knife for your uses. And then there are al the great custom makers. Browse around here and you'll find more than enough choices to take care of any spare cash you might have.
Thanks blademan13 and Alberta Ed. I'll definately get in touch with them. I have looked at and handled the Master Hunter. Unfortunately it is about as graceful as a hippo in a kiddi pool ( at least in my hands.) What is a good steel for my needs(O-1 or other?) And no I'm not worried about high maintenance or the blade discoloring with use.
Take a look at Allen Blade's work:

I will also recomend Matt Lamey:

Both makers do excellent work. They can both custom make something to your specifications also.

Dennis Bible

Look at Fallkniven if you want to go production instead of custom.

Dennis Bible

I highly recommend Newt Livesay's knives. Wicked Knife Co. phone# 501-549-3356. If you are looking for a less expensive but equally capable knife I recommend the Cold Steel SRK, the Ka-Bar or Camillus Fighting Utility, or the Fallkniven A1 or S1.