Need some advice

Dec 10, 2000
I am looking for a general utility EDC knife with a blade 3 to 4 inches, and that doesn't cost over about $175. I do not want the knife for personal protection, just general cutting. What knives do you guys recommend for this?
Wow...broad's some of my choices, in no particular order:

--Spyderco military
--BM Axis, 710 (watch those BM edges, though!)
--Almar SERE 2000
You could even save some $$$, and get a Spyderco Endura, or Goddard Lightweight...



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REKAT Pioneer II. go to they have them for a very nice discount.

$140.00 knife, selling for just over $60.00. very nice.


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MOD Trident. Very tough. Will not let you down.

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Outdoor Edge Magna w/aluminum handle
Cold Steel large clip point Voyager
Spyderco Endura
BM 710 and 720
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Ya might want to look at the Cold Steel Large plain-edge Clip-Point Voyager, UNLESS you really have a need to spend alot of $.

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My vote goes for a benchmade pinnacle (750).
Or how about a camillus EDC

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So much depends on what your daily knife tasks will be and what style of clothing you where. You can can a heavier knife with jeans than you can with light knit slacks.

I would go with the SERE2K if your clothes can handle the weight. If not, I really lile the little BM 940 Osborne.

You could also get two knives ofr your budget and one could be a SERE2K and the other a small Buck or CRK&T for lighter duty and less weight bearing clothing.

Ane believe me, as those around here will tell you, I am certainly not pushing you to buy Benchmade, but the AFCK is a nice user, but not as rugged as the SERE IMO.

Best bet of all, try to find a used small Sebenza!
It might help if you were to narrow that down a little; would you consider a fixed blade? Spyderco's Moran makes a nice EDC knife, especially with a kydex sheath. Or consider something by Bob Dozier; nice designs, high quality, good sheaths.
BM 710 in M2
BM 750 in ATS-34
Spyderco Military.

All GREAT! Knives.


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Thanks for all of the replies. I really want a folder. I don't think I would like carring a fixed blade around all the time.