Need some help... Best oli/way to clean a knife?

Jun 15, 1999
Ok, this is something about knives I'm pretty much clueless on...
What's the best way to clean up a knife, make it look good again? Looking for something to clean up a Next Generation KaBar. Also, is it real necessary to oil folders, and how much? Does it make a difference what oil you use depending on the knife steal? Any feedback would be great..
Also, if I leace my folding knife sticking out of a table as the normal spot I stick it (it's convienent) can it do anything to the knife? Can't think of anything, but not positive..
Mr. Tuff,

What should I do to make my car like new?

Well, you've never seen my car, so you really can't answer. It may just need a good wash and wax, or it may need to have the engine rebuilt.

So, first, you have to answer a few questions:

A) what's wrong with your KaBar? Is it just a little dirty? Does it have sticky, gooey stuff (like tape residue) on it? Is it the blade or the handle? If it's just dirty, you can wash it in water with a bit of common hand soap and then dry it off. For sticky stuff, WD-40 works wonders. Maybe your knife has scratches in it? If so, are they minor or deep? Is the edge chipped or badly dulled? Is there rust, pitting, stains or corrosion?

B) what is your purpose for this KaBar? If it's a worker, then you can have right at it. If it's a collector, then you've got to be a bit more carefull.

As for oil on your folder, most metal-on-metal moving machines can benefit from a little lubrication. It doesn't take much at all.

Gentlemen, you may now begin the usual thread about which magic oil is better than the next.


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Don't know if this answers the original question, but for general cleaning of knives I've found Break-Free CLP to be a good all-around cleaner, lubricant, and protectant. I've also had good luck removing rust with "Metal Glo" polish, though I prefer a gun polishing paste that comes in a sort of camouflage-pattern tube (the brand name of which I cannot recall at the moment). I haven't yet used it, but most of the folks on the forum seem to have a very high opinion of Sentry Solution's "Tuff Cloth" and related merchandise.

As for leaving your knife sticking in a wooden surface, it harms said wooden surface and dulls the tip of your blade. If niether is important to you, I don't think it otherwise harms the implement.

Mostly sticky crap is what was on it. Didn't know if there was a good/bad way to clean it, and if one way maybe ruined bead blased coating or something. Thanks for the info though..