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Need some help, please!

Aug 8, 1999
question: does anybody know if there are any REKAT dealers in NE Pa or going up towards Poughkeepsie, Catskills NY area? i'm going to a seminar and was just wondering. i'd be travelling PA I-84 E. after PA. 81 N.; then i'd be around US-9 in NY near New Paltz, Kingston, Poughkeepsie. anything near those areas that anyone can think of in the way of a decent knife shop? i'll name my next born after your Username if you have any ideas...okay, i'd have to clear it with the boss here at home first..
There's a store called Country Knives in Intercourse(ain't Pennsylvania great!), down near Lancaster. It's a little lower than where you're at, but they are a pretty big store. I don't know for sure if they carry REKAT, but that's the only one I know around there. Hope this helps.

Make sure it's a boy before you name him after me.

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