Need some "HELP"

Oct 3, 1998
I'm trying to find out about SOG Knife.It's a folder with a 4 1/2" blued bowie blade.I guess you could say it appears to be a prototype of a TomCat.The handle is black linen micarta unlike the rubber SOG now uses.The blade is marked SOG SPECIALTIES and thats it period.On the back of the handle on one side is marked JAPAN. These are the only markings.It also comes with a heavy nylon triple stitched pouch that is unmarked.So I'm not sure if it was original issue. The weight of this baby would need triple stitching as it seems heavier then the production TomCat. One person did mention that it was a sample for a Gov't bid but I have no way of proving this. I have had some collectors express an interest in this knife but frankly am unsure of it's value. I figure one of you guy's would have some information about this knife.

That is an example of SOG's first folder.
It was a limited run of a few hundred pieces.
It evolved into the Tomcat design.
I think they weigh 13 ounces!

Pretty blade, nasty handle. Apparently is wasnt too well recieved so it was scrapped.

I have seen them anywhere from $250-350.

Well made and a piece of specialty knife history from 1986 I think...
A thousand welcomes for the info.I would have guessed a little less.
Thanks again