Need someone to customise two knives for me

Rod Neep

Bounced email
Sep 16, 2004
Yes.... I know it is a strange request, but I am looking for someone (a real craftsman) who will customise two knives for me.

One of the things that I find fascinating about history, is that some traditional crafts, such as knife making, just don't change! There is no "new pill".

Here are two direct comparisons, for which I would like to achieve "replicas"


An antique Joseph Rodgers & Sons ivory handled Wharncliffe from the 1800s (exact date unknown)
Made from a standard Case Seahorse Whittler like this. (OK a normal one will do rather than this mother of pearl)

It would be a matter of removing the bolsters, and replacing the handles with (pre-ban) ivory or mammoth or similar (but cream coloured)

And number two:


A Rodgers & Unwin 1852 Wharncliffe Whittler. A replica made from a Case Seahorse Whittler. Look at the similarity!

Needs new dark chestnut jigged bone handles (no front bolster, but leave the rear bolster), and a lozenge shield.

Does anyone know of a good craftsman who can undertake this work for me?

are you saying you have the standard Case Seahorse Whittler's to start with?

I have experience in customizing older Cases in Ivory.
if you are not in a hurry I can possibly do it for you..e-mail me
it may be at least 8 months. and it an't cheap.. :eek: