Need source for titanium and/or carbonfiber staff

Nov 19, 1998

I am in the process of building a project and need a source for a titanium shaft 36" in length and 3/4" - 1" diameter. I then need a carbon fiber tube, same length, than I can slip over the titanium shaft. Anyone have a good source for these items? Thanks in advance all!!

- Kim.
Kim, I think I missed if you mentioned whether it was hollow tube or solid bar.
You might also want to check out McMaster Carr Industrial Supply. I just tried their website and it doesn't seem to be responding at , so give them a call at (330)995-5500 (Cleveland Warehouse Office), (404)346-7000 (Atlanta) or (562)692-5911 (Los Angeles).

They sell 6ft. solid bar lengths of CP at $252 in 3/4" and $392 for 1". The 6/4 equivalent is $278 in 3/4" and $431 for 1".

It seems expensive contacting the smaller distributors for these larger diameters, so you might want to go direct to some of the titanium manufacturers and see what they can offer. The downside is that then you may be required to make a minimum purchase. A source for supplier listings might be at the Reactive Metals website at .

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Thanks all for the replies and sources. I have contacted Les Halpren and he has EXACLTY what I'm looking for (slightly modified). He sells a 1/4" thick titanium rod (solid rod) and a Carbon Fiber tube 1" thick with inner diameter of 1/4" thick. These two together are exaclty what I was looking for. The project is now complete for materials and onto the first phase. Thanks again for all the help everyone. I knew this was the place to come for good advice.

- Kim.
Sounds like a RI stick in the making, should be pretty sweet too.

How are you going to join them together so that they extend without falling apart?


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Well, it's called a Grendel Fork. It's a stell shaft approximately 36" long with twin 12" tanto blades seperated by about 1.5" at the base and 3" at the tip. Very light, very agile, and very deadly. As soon as I get the parts together and the fork built I will post some pics I will be sure to get pictures through the entire process. Also, now that I know the source, the Kali sticks are next. I plan titanium core with carbon fiber outer in 28" length. I may go ahead and get the materials for them at the same time. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted!!

- Kim.
He, he, he- I was wondering if someone would ever get around to making Grendel's Fork. I want one in the 6-7 foot range, with dual naginata blades, myself.

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Grendel's Fork, one of the coolest looking weapons ever, Grendel's Fork? Man I woulda thought Gil Hibben would come out w/ that first. You gonna dress up for Halloween?
From what I remember, Grendel's spear was looked only to be about 4 1/2 long...Using ATS-34 or an expensive steel to match thos exotic material for the staff? I was thinking of making CF sticks myself, but the stuff's just too pricy.
Since you are already talking about a several hundred dollar investment, any thoughts on electrifying the blades like the original? That is one of the reasons the author had the first Grendel using a fork instead of a single bladed Naginata.
It should be easy enough to accomplish, just pick up a stun gun somewhere, remount the circuit in a more impact resistant case and run wires from the electrodes to the blades and switch to a convenient location (heavily simplified description). Unfortunately, Ti is a lousey conductor (while Carbon fiber is) so you won't be able to use the core as part of the circuit....
But, I digress.

Well, the internal ciruitry is intriguing, but I don't know that I want to try that yet. Maybe on the second one. This one I want to try to see if I can pull one off that is sound enough to be used, not that it ever would be
. I'd like to go with ATS-34 or even CPM 44V for the blade steel but Im not sure what I'll do yet. I may use blades from a couple of tantos to see how they'll mount and what the feel is, then make high end blades from that. This is a project so who knows where I'll end up.

I'm not sure why this hasn't been made yet, but I got tired of waiting for one and figured I could design and make one in the mean time. Although it's slightly modified from the orginal (I believe it has a wood staff as opposed to the titanium/carbon fiber one I will use and the length of mine will be around 4'), it will remain faithful enough to the original to do it proud.

As I said, I will be sure to keep pics posted for updates!!!!

- Kim.
This is crazy, I did the same project about 5 years ago...

Mine was a bit more low tech....

Mine was a 5 foot hickory shaft with the twin tanto's with a split and insulated collar... The stun gun worked but didnt throw that intimidating prime charge... so I hooked it up to the tesla coil ( old high school project) just for the looks and had some pics taken... It was fun while it lasted..

If you need any ideas or help, contact me, I will do what I can... this sounds like a project I could do better now with 5 years more experience under my belt...