Feb 6, 2001
hi, I was wondering if anybody could give me a good suggestion on a folding knife under $65. I would really appreciate it. thanx

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Spyderco Native fits the bill here. Very tough, ergonomic FRN handle accompanied by a great CPM440V blade made in the USA. Top it off with a reversible clip and you have one heck of a user. Then you take the change left over and go get a nice SAK to keep it company.

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The Buck 110 or 112 are other good choices. Spyderco makes several knives that should fit your requirements. Happy knife hunting

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I would also second Spydercos; especially a Native. You can get a CPM440V lightweight version for under $50.

The blade is about 3" which is a medium size folder. If you want something bigger, and in a liner-lock, you might want to try looking at offerings from Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT).
Spyderco Wayne Goddard, Delica, Endura, or the Standard(may still be on sale at Smokey Mountain Knife Works). There's a few to choose from in the Spydie lineup. Also don't forget CRK&T or Outdoor Edge/Edge Tech. They both have some nice choices.


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Absolutely Spyderco Native or Goddard jr. If you can spare $20 more, you can go up to the Wegner (my favorite carry knife) Top of texas knives has them for $85.

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As always my reply to this question is...try a CRKT Mirage Grey Ghost...I prefer the wharncliffe blade style. A Hammmond design, well made by CRKT and inexpensive.

Don't forget the Darrel Ralph collaboration EDC with camillus available at one stop knife shop HERE
You can check out pictures of it in this thread HERE
The Normal version should be awesome for the price. The bladeforums version( which there is only a limited number of) is a hell of a deal for $64.99 Its got the same materials as a BM pinnacle or CRKT's frame lock which both sell for about $100

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Watch the "for sale by individuals" section of these forums patiently and just wait for a Benchmade 800 or 812 AFCK to show up at $65. Same for Benchmade 705 or 710.

You want ATS-34 or 154CM steel or higher if that means anything to you. If it doesn't, surf around before you buy and educate.