Need your suggestions for 'upscale folder'

Nov 14, 1998
I'm looking for a more formal folder. Something with like a 2 3/4"-3" blade and preferably not a lockback. I like the Benchmade 850 quite a bit, and it's price is right for me. However, I thought I'd get your input to expand my options. Are there other similar knives out there?


I own a BM 850 and a William Henry Spear-point. IMHO the WH wins hands down. Granted the WH cost twice as much as the BM 850. However, the overall quality of the WH is comparable to that of a $500 custom folder.
Check out Spyderco Viele liner lock. Super smooth action and a very classy look.
Thanks for the input-

Almost ordered the BM 850- almost. Then I saw the Spyderco Peter Herbst. After some research I placed my order for the Spydie. This will be my first higher end Spyderco- I'm anxious to check it out.

Thought about the ATS-34 vs. the 440C, and decided that for my intended use, it should be ok. Other than the blade steel, it came down to the look of the Herbst. I'll post my impressions after I get it.

Thanks to James Mattis(check out his site)
and to Dexter Ewing.