Need your suggestions on small neck/utility knives

Dec 24, 2000
Hey all-

Historically, I've never been a real big fan of neck knives, or fixed blades for that matter- but since I've received my Camillus Arclite, I'm sold on the idea. I've been surprised as to how easy it is to wear, and how much I've used it.

So I've been trying to keep my eyes out for similar knives, and besides the Arclite, I've found the REKAT Pikuni- which also looks really nice. What else is out there? Can be factory or custom, I just prefer a blade length of right around 3", and a good sheath capable of neck "carry" would be a big plus.

What do you all prefer and suggest?


IMHO, the Fällkniven WM1 is a wonderful neck knife. I have one and love it. I believe their G1 will also be excellent when it comes out, but it is not out yet, should be soon though.
For Specs: Fällkniven WM1
To Buy: ProEdge Murr is an excellent guy to deal with
Lightfoot Neck Razor is my favorite. Very slender and well made. I hardly know it's their.

I like that WM1. Why in the picture does it show two different handles (on the ProEdge site, at least- I think also on the Fallkniven site as well) Different models?

Also, that G1 looks really neat- wonder how long before it's released...

I just got the Fallkniven WM-1 for Christmas. It's a truly awesome thick little blade with a very comfortable handle. It came with a hair popping sharp rolled edge. I've used it daily for a week now and the edge is still scary sharp. My arm hair falls out on it's own at the sight of that blade coming near. lol
Newt Livesay turns out some pretty impressive neck knives. Very affordable, too.

I have a couple of Crawford neck knives and one by Jeff Diotte. If your looking for a good utility knife I'd take a good look at the one by Jeff Diotte. I picked it up last September and use it all the time. Heres a pic of one of the Crawfords and the Diotte.

Neil Blackwood makes a lovely little hunter style knife in talonite. It may be a bit heavy, but I like that
Bud Nealy's Pesh Kabz has the best sheath system I've seen and the san mai damascus is sharp, tough and beautiful. Very light and effective, slim fighter
Polkowski makes some very nice ones and Wally Hayes makes some beauties in O1 or damascus. The Typhoon is one very nice variation that is available from a dealer, which one I'll have to check and get back on.
I don't know why they have to two pics of the WM1, as to my knowledge, it only comes with the molded handle.

I recently asked Murr about the G1, he said it might be out as early as next month.
I just got a Little Camper from Running Dog knife company, I think it's , 2.125 blade , coated black, carbon steel, cord wrapped handle, concealex sheath with g clip for IWB carry para cord with shrinkwrap safety, nice prices too.

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I second that cheer for Newt Livesay at Wicked Knives. Top quality work, top quality materials, and affordable.

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