Neil Blackwood Small Talonite Tac

Feb 1, 2001
I received this sweet puppy from Neil a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. It feels great in the hand and cuts like crazy. Carved up all the cardboard boxes at work withing 30 minutes of receiving it :D . Neil is super easy to work with and definetely is passionate about his knives. Now if he will just get to work on his folders. Sorry for the crappy scan. If anybody has any tips on getting good scans, I would appreciate it.

That's a beauty. Neil made me one in talonite a while back which has seen duty on a few trips. I think it's a superb knife, and I think he's a superb guy.
Wow, another beauty from Dr. Lathe. This guy is GOOD ! His shapes are outstanding and the level of finish looks to be way beyond what you usually see.
I have a small stellite hunter (with a neck sheath). Very nice. Mr. Blackwood is great to deal with.
I love the good Dr's small tac. Another thread with them was among those I've viewed today. Just a great looking knife! Am sure that having it in Talonite makes it even more special. Congratulations on your good taste in buying it!
Another vote for the good doctor....;)

I have the LiteWave neck knife - which is the BEST small fixed blade fighter I have ever seen!

I am still working on my review of will be up soon...
Thanks guys!!
I appreciate the kind words and compliments.
That's the first skeletonized one I made with the white Micarta and I think it turned out rather nice.
Those of you that have knives on order with me, THANKS for your patience!! In order to concentrate on my fixed blade backlog, the Commander conversions AND my own folders.....I'm not taking ANY more custom orders through the rest of the year. I'm hoping to make up enough inventory to do the Florida Knifemakers Assc. Show in October. That will be my first show, I'm REALLY looking forward to it :)

Great looking knife. A friend of mine (s) showed me one very similiar to that . The workmanship was outstanding. What is the blade length?

Thanks for the compliments on the knife guys. Neil has just about convinced me to put this knife to some hard use so you might be seeing a review sometime soon. Mr Snoody, you make some great knives yourself(in case anybody doesnt know this yet). I've got 2 of your kozukas and love them both. The blade is aprox 3.5" long.
I have a small tac/utility in talonite and I have cut and cut with it, including myself and it still shaves.

It is just a beautiful knife. Talonite is a whole lot of fun too. Cuts when it feels dull. You can clean off gunk with your fingers and nothing stains. I have a skeletonized black micarta handle version with a red spacer. What a looker. Neil is also a true gentleman to work with. I bought his modified Buck Strider tanto and he is modifying my spearpoint. I consider it an honor to know him.

Neil Blackwood, Matt Lamey, Ron Clark....these are fome forumites who do just great work.