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Never owned a spyderco until now

Oct 2, 2006
For christmas I was lucky enough to receive the HARPY I wanted with VG-10 handle and blade. The lock up is solid, everything fits perfectly tight, I cannot commend spyderco enough on the construction of this knife. It's just a pleasure to own and it is rock solid, worth every penny. I have definitely become a spyderco fan now. No real reason for this thread, just wanted to say I LOVE SPYDERCO!!!

:D :D :D :D :D
Get yourself the new Caly3. From what I have heard it's worth every penny.

Glad to hear you like your new Spyderco. The company is every bit as good as the knives they produce. You chose wisely.
i had never had a spyderco either. i thought they were funny looking.

after much research, i ordered my dad a mini-manix for x-mas, but had it shipped to me first to inspect it. i fell in love with it and had to have my own spyderco knife. i ordered a delica wave and couldn't be happier. i got a byrd meadowlark too, which is also nice, but the delica is just absolutely perfect. i have a new favorite knife brand now:)
DreamHawk, ikelo,
Welcome to Spyder Addiction. It is fun.
I think every Spyderco worth every penny, but some of them even better than this. I agree with mmmotorcycle; Caly3 is terrific knife. I carry it for 3 month and can not imagine anything better; probably be full size Persian as good as Caly3.
Quite a few Spydercos are masterpieces among production knives, and everything about them just right.
I'm new to Spyderco's too and luckily I got some money this Xmas. I started with a Polywog for EDC and got a all-black Military. Then I got a Delica just the other day.

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