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Ahhh what. Wont they sell them again as a normal sale/production
I don't think the model is discontinued like the GSO 5, but I think the current run is finished like the 5.1. I'm guessing that after they're through everything that is on the current production schedule, they'll swing back around through the order. I wonder if Fancier Fancier knows anything I may hsve overlooked.

I'd like to see more 4.7s in production, but I wouldn't expect to see new ones for a matter of years.
Good Morning Silver!
I don't know more than the next guy, but I can wildly speculate with the best of them. ;)
I'd bet that you are correct, and that the 4.7 model won't make it back into production for quite a while. Survive is listing the 4.7 as out of stock and they've already had their close out sale where they sell the last few units.
Based on how they've scheduled things so far they will probably complete all the other models before they circle back to the 5.1 and 4.7 models.
I don't follow the sales on the BF exchange, but that is probably your best chance for getting a 4.7 without an extended wait.
Wow that really sucks. I really wanted the 4.7 and then maybe a 4.1 also. But waiting for them to finish off the production schedule could/probably will take a loooong day.

Well thanks for the bad news guys :p haha
But seriously, appreciate the information SN and Francier!
Guess I will settle for a F2nd 4.1 for now.
Thank you P Psybull for the trade! I got this 4.7 in 3v in today and it's awesome! I regretted trading my 4.7 in cru forge last year, but this 3v one is going to replace it just fine. I love the texture on the g10 handles and finish on the blade is excellent!

Nice blade bravo!! I had just about given up on G10, but it's really nice on the GSOs with the texturing.

Yes, the texturing makes all the difference in the world! I'm normally a micarta guy, but I really like these g10 handles! I know these Survive knives are hard to score, so I consider myself lucky to have this one!
Congrats 91bravo 91bravo ! That's one fantastic knife and I definitely agree about the texturing on the G10.
91bravo, glad you got a 4.7 back in the fold everybody should have at least one.

I have one back in the arsenal now and after handling this knife again, I can tell you it's not going anywhere any time soon! It fills a void between my folders and large fixed blades.

Some glamour shots while it's still clean and purdy....after P Psybull gets his end of the trade, I'm gonna put this one to the test again! This is one beautiful knife!


Uncle Timbo Uncle Timbo
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