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New Airport Security Regulations

Oct 3, 1998
Airports are now making you take a sip of your carry on drink (coffee, etc.) to be sure there is no "weapon" in it. Chemical, knives, etc. How big a knife could you put in a coffee cup? Don't they give you a knife with the meal on some flights that would be bigger than a coffee cup?
ITS Security (which does security at 329 airports) spokesman Rebecca Trexler won't comment on whether an FAA test set off the heightened liquods scutiny. She says the sip test in "not an FAA requirement at all." If airlines are doing it, she adds, "they're doing it on their own."

Taken from the Reno Gazzette Journal, Friday June 18, 1999
There are various degrees of airline security, depending on destination (domestic or international) and whether the news has folks on yellow, orange, or red alert.

I hadn't heard of a sipping test, but El Al (Israel) Airlines has passengers turn on radios and snap pictures with their cameras to make sure the guts are there, and not replaced with plastique.

This last trip, from Los Angeles to Atlanta, and Knoxvill to Los Angeles, my Benchmade 825, the Swiss Army Knife, and the Leatherman Wave went through on the little tray without comment. I still got wanded for my suspender clips and belt buckle.

My guess is the sip test has to do with the container containing a flammable liquid.

There have been hijackings in the past that have involved gasoline and other liquids.

I frequently travel with my "little bottle of Old #7." The guards often ask to smell the cap to be sure it's what's labeled. Now, I'll get to take a shot? I'm all in favor of that.