New Arrival RIO K3044 with 4T5 Design , Check It OUT !

Aug 16, 2021
Here comes Kansept's new knife!🥰
Check It Out ! 🔥

I especially like small knives.
The Kansept RIO is a knife made for everyday carry.
The design of this knife will definitely make you like it.

Let's talk about the designers of knives first!

Adam is the owner of 4T5 Design from Alberta Canada.
He has been an avid collector of knives and edc gear since around 2014 and started 4t5 design in 2017.
He has been designing knives for quite awhile,
But just now starting to get into doing production runs on the designs.
A knife that can be taken into any pocket to perform simple tasks as well as more demanding tasks
While trying to have a contemporary design that differs from what can usually be seen.

Each knife has its own characteristics.
In addition, the material and appearance of the knife are also very important.

It features a satin M390 blade and a black anodized titanium handle.
It will be a chunky little micro folder
and the fuller in the blade will be the primary deployment method.
The blade is a force to be reckoned with: wicked sharp steel with an attractive wide blade.
And resistance to chipping; making it the perfect EDC.

Now let's take a look at them
They are looking forward to meeting you🙌
I Believe , the same to you;)
First glance , 👀

Will like it.🥰

Item NO.knife nameBlade materialHandle materialBlade lengthTotal lengthWeightColour
K3044A1RIOSatin M390Black Stonewashed Titanium1.56''/39.6mm3.93''/99.7mm2.13oz/60.5gBlack
K3044A2RIOBlack Stonewashed M390Green Micarta1.56''/39.6mm3.93''/99.7mm2.13oz/60.5gGreen
K3044A3RIOBlack Stonewashed M390Black Micarta1.56''/39.6mm3.93''/99.7mm2.13oz/60.5gBlack
K3044A4RIOStonewashed M390Orange G101.56''/39.6mm3.93''/99.7mm2.13oz/60.5gOrange
K3044A5RIOBlack Stonewashed M390Purple G101.56''/39.6mm3.93''/99.7mm2.13oz/60.5gPurple
K3044AD1RIODamascusBlack Micarta1.56''/39.6mm3.93''/99.7mm2.13oz/60.5gBlack
K3044D2RIODamascusLightning Strike Anodized Titanium 1.56''/39.6mm3.93''/99.7mm2.13oz/60.5gBlue

More details of the new models, check here: