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New arrival

May 12, 2000
Got my Kobra today. It was a replacement for the one I broke some time ago. Just wanted to say thanks to Uncle Bill, for offering to replace it. HI's customer service is the best I've ever seen. Now I just have to give it a name.
Jim, did you ever read the comic strip "Lil Abner"?

You're starting to sound like "Joe Bltspfck(?)" ( not sure of the last name ), you know, the guy who walks around with a rain cloud and lightning following over him.
Jest tzn

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I looked at the one you broke and the kami had it too hard near the cho and also it was made from a file and the steel used to make these files is more brittle than a spring I've found.

I don't especially like the files to be used but they won't waste anything at BirGorkha and I think this is the first failure of a file stock khukuri so I guess I'll keep my mouth shut for awhile longer.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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