New Benchmade 750 Pinnacle

Jan 10, 1999
Hi all!
saw the new Benchmade Pinnacle at Chesapeake Knife and tool thursday. Liked the feel, size and shape of the blade> How do Ya'll feel about the new Mono-lock system? And who has them for sale cheapest right now?
I've seen ABC direct's price. Anybody else got them for sale? and if you have one, how do youlike it so far? Thanks in advance!

I have had the Pinnacle plain satin edge for a couple of weeks now. The overall quality is very good. The gray bead blast titanium handle is comfortable to hold and non slip. But, in one day of wear, it picked up many scratches. But this is pure cosmetics. It sits well in the pocket. The lock is way stronger (and I feel more confident about it) than a liner lock. Conversely, the lock is difficult to disengage. I can't do it the normal way with my thumb. I rotate quarter turn to the left, push down on the handle with the thumb and lift with the index to disengage. I don't know if it's just me who has a lock that is hard to disengage or that this is built into the design.

Joe T. and some people have been discussing how to sharpen the recurve blade at KFC. Apparently, some have found this difficult. I don't seem to have a problem using the Spyderco Triangle, using the corners and following the angle of the grind. Joe's got a great discription of how he goes about sharpening the recurve.