New Benchmade Fixed Blade

Mar 3, 1999
Has anyone seen the sheath that the new Benchamade Nimravus Cub (BM145) comes with?
Is is similar to the larger Nimravus? Does it have a clip that allows inside the waistband carry?
I actually just made an aftermarket Kydex sheath for that same knife. Shape came out pretty much identical, but I added a tension screw for variable retention stiffness. The retention on the stock sheath is really light (if you hold the knife upside-down and give it a little jerk the knife comes flying out).
Based on the sheath itself, I could probably put a tension screw on it, and make aftermarket clips for horizontal and IWB carry. The sheath I made has horizontal SOB and crossdraw, IWB, and vertical belt carry options, and it will still work with the original low-ride belt loop. Let me know if you want to discuss some options, and I should have a pic up on my website in a week or so.

My Custom Kydex Sheath page
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The sheath on my Nimravus Cub is very similar to the one on the large Nimravus, with a metal belt clip and its kydex attachment piece screwed to the sheath edge. The blade is marked "Prototype" and so the sheath also should be a proto, too. It does not hold the knife as thightçy as I would like, though.

Ivan Campos

One of my colleagues just got a Cub, and it has the same sort of sheath that the big one has. He did say, however, that his knife was some sort of pre-production batch, or something like that.

I am thinking about getting a Cub; provided the current production models come with that Kydex concealment sheath.