New Benchmade Knives At BLADE SHOW


They unveiled their axis Mel Pardue. Nice 3.25 inch blade with a more contoured handle than the Axis. I would take the Pardue over the Axis.

The smaller Nimvarus Cub was out. I didn't notice but two friends made the same observation that the Nimarus tang stuck out a sligthly over the G10 scales, making for a less than comfortable grip when held tight.

I did notice that the edge of the clip on the smaller AFCK protruded into the index cutout. When you grip the small afck tight, the clip edge cuts into the joint of the finger. Took that baby off my list. I mentioned it to the BM rep. (shrug).

I played with the Pardue, it really felt good in the hand. The big axis was just kinda another knife, the small axis was nice, but a tad on the thick side IMHO, but the pardue was schweeeeeet.