New Benchmade Models

Oct 25, 1998
Has anyone had a chance to review the new folders. I'm especially interested in the 750 Pinnacle. Can I get a overview of these knives. Are these going to get M-2 blades. I think that a non-serrated, M-2 BT2 coated Pinnacle is just what I'm looking for. And does anyone know when the standered models will be out, Benchmade says Fall, but when in Fall.

Hi Garrett,

The new Benchmade folders are slated to be released around the holiday time (late November, early December). Both of them look like real winners to me. The Pinnacle somewhat resembles the famed Sebenza and would make a good work knife. It has solid construction, from 6AL/4V titanium and its integral lock (Mono-Lock is what Benchmade is calling it) is one of the strongest lock mechanisms going.

Neither the Axis Lock or Pinnacle will have M2 blades, both being shod with ATS-34. There may be a chance in the future that M2 will be used as blade steel for one models.

I have not had a chance to play with these new folders at length, but I recall Mike Turber posted his review of them to the other forum site shortly after this past year's Blade show. You might want to email him or Mike, if you're reading this, please re-post that review if you have it!