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New Benchmade Pinnacle Scans

Oct 3, 1998
I got my hands on some Pinnacles (750BT only, so far), and I scanned one of them.





A couple of first impressions: Solid. The front half of the blades can use some obsessive sharpening to their new owners' preferences. I found one nice detail when I removed the clip on one to bend it for a tighter grip on my clothing; the clip screws screw into steel inserts in the titanium, rather than the titanium itself.

There is one (at least) mechanical difference between the Pinnacle and the Chris Reeve design. In the Chris Reeve integral lock, and also in the Columbia River S2, as scanned below, the titanium locking bar has grooves machined into it crosswise to allow it to bend by thumb pressure. In the Pinnacle, there is a groove machined lengthwise into the inside of the locking bar, out of sight.


Here are links to some more scans of the CRKT S2, which has similar mechanics, but is clearly a different vision from either Benchmade or Reeves.





James, I have two questions. 1. Is the action smooth? 2. How do you like the thumbstud?

I was curious about the thumb stud, since it looks a lot like the Cold Steel thumb stud I've been complaining about. However, the thumb stud on the Pinnacle works a lot better than the CS stud, for a number of reasons. First, the Pinnacle thumb stud is bigger and gripper than the CS. Second, it's placed far enough away from the handles that it's easier to hit it right -- the CS studs are often partly obscured by the zytel grip. Third, the very smooth action on the Pinnacle means you don't need very much pressure on the stud in any case; on the zytel CS, the jerky action requires a lot more contact with the stud.

All these features add up to make the thumb stud work well.

The action on mine is very smooth. The ball & detent work excellent to keep the blade closed.

I've posted more comments, including performance comments, on the Pinnacle thread in the Bladeforums Knife Review Forum. I posted a slightly longer review on the Knifeforums Knife Review Forum.

Wow, the black bladed Pinnacles look better than the satin ones! I like how the blade color matches the color of the screws, pivot, clip, and spacer. I've got a satin finish part serrated one. FWIW the action is pretty slick now but when I first received it the action was a bit tight. I guess in time as it is used, the pivot will break in and slicken up a bit.

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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I like my ball bearing detents to be good "flip-resistant" speed bumps, and the three Pinnacles that I've handled qualify. So do the ball bearing in the two S2's that I've handled. The actions are tight, but smooth, and the lockups are solid. I have no complaint about the thumb stud on the Pinnacle (and don't recall any complaint about the S2 either). The release is also easy on my thumb with the Pinnacle.

I found the feel of the S2's release a little odd; I could only make it work if I didn't look to see how I was doing it. Maybe the position of the clip had something to do with it. While the Benchmade's clip runs down the middle of the handle, overlapping the locking spring portion, the S2's clip runs down the spine. Therefore, my there was little for my fingers to push back against when I pushed the locking spring with my thumb. Probably just a matter of getting the feel of it.


The black blade Pinnacle is gorgous! I got to handle the Pinnacle today, along with the Axis, a MT SOCOM, Sebenza, and a Spydie Civilian. I have to say the Axis is my favorite of the bunch. I don't know how the Pinnacle compares with the Sebenza in terms of cutting or strength. But the Benchmade action was a lot slicker.

BTW the Civilian is the most unholy piece of cutlery I have ever held. Holy crap it was intimidating! Someone should post a picture.
The S-2 release is a bit strong, too bad I lost mine.

The Pinnacle is really nice, but I think it would take a little practice to close it one hand.

The Civilian pic is nice, I can get people to shiver just by showing it to them.

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

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Maybe this should be in the knife modification thread, but I also wanted some color coordination but I had a satin blade. I used a finishing sheet on the screws, etc. and the black came off easy (maybe too easy depending on your preference).


I think it looks like a pretty good match with the blade. The only thing is that once that was done I got a little carried away with my polishing and polished the beadblast off the handles as well. Now, it kind of looks nice, but it picks up fingerprints like you wouldn't believe (maybe you can see a couple above). Anyone know of a coating that might alleviate this problem without adversely affecting the titanium?


I have no idea if it effects ti, but have you tried car polish?

There is also a polish used extensively by knife guys/gals but I can't remember the name of it. It may be Renaissance Wax.