New Benchmades

May 4, 2000
Well according to Benchmade the 43's and 47's began shipping to authorized dealers on 6/29. Has anyone picked theirs up yet? I have mine on pre-order, but I have not heard from them yet.
I got an email two days ago saying that they were in...well almost all of them; He's still waiting on my 43A, but otherwise we should be getting them pretty soon:D :D :D
What? Y'all haven't got yours yet? I've had mine for over a week. I took some pictures yesterday, but I haven't developed 'em yet. It's very hard to convince myself to work under 2500 Watts of lights when it's ninty degrees outside and eighty in the house (no AC).
OK...which companies are selling the new models? I want the clip point model, plain handles, no serrations, regular production(I don't care about numbered models.). Thanks in advance.
I got mine. The 47 is numbered 27/100. The 43 is not numbered. I do not believe the 43's will be numbered/pre-prod, or first prod.

They are nice. I wish they would make the blades thicker like the customs.

Just got my 43 and 47A, neither are numbered, but no big deal to me. The first impression I got from the knives was the robustness of the blade spines. The grinds on the Colver Bowie and Tanto retain almost full thickness of the spine almost to the tip. Much more massive blades than the Weehawk on the 42. The drop point tanto has the same profile as the Elishewitz custom tantos. Pretty cool. Lots of blade mass. Like it.

I really like the Colver bowie blade a lot. Very unique in a production knife.

Very nifty profile to the choil kicks on the new blades, looks classy. I notice metal bushings, can't remember seeing metal bushings in the 42s I have. Tang pin looks larger diameter too, but that might be poor recollection on my part.
Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know where I can purchase the BM 43? Any online companies, etc.?