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New Beretta Folders?

Aug 31, 1999
The Jan. 2000 issue of Tactical Knives has a full page add for some new folders from Beretta. All look kinda interesting but I especially like the wharncliffe bladed model with the circuit board(?) overlays.

Has anyone handled one of these? I'd be interested to see what the fit and finish are like and whether the handle decorations are an overlay or are actually inlaided into the handle.

I saw the ads and they look nice. I would like to read about the Warren Thomas carbon fiber model and about the J.Busfield models. They are very nice looking knives but I haven't heard anything about them either.Anyone?
Me too, me too! I'm w/ Strider, I want to hear about the Stealth model. VG-10, carbon fiber handles...I wonder if they got Thomas to divulge his secret lamination method? And I'm wondering abot the cost, too. The Electra (wharncliffe w/ circuit board overlays) looks pretty interesting, too, though that Stealth really looks great and faithful to Thomas' original 0-mag folder.