New blade length for tarwar ?

Jun 4, 2001

Been away but saw a couple of threads on tarwar's with blade lengths of 25 inches. Is this correct ? Is this the new standard length or was this a special order? I have one with a 21 inch blade. what is the weigth of these new ones?

Thanks in advance.
I think that it depends on what kami is making it and how they feel that day. Sometimes there are 18" AK's that are really 19" and have the thickness of a 18" AK, or there will be a 20" AK that is 19" but has the thickness and heavier weight of a 20"AK.

They are all handmade and unique, that is what makes them so special. Besides, now that you have a long one and a short one you now can do the Himilayan version of Niten Ichi Ryu Kenjutsu, founded by the legendary master, Miyamoto Musashi. ;) :p