New front page is up, and new prize information as well.


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Oct 2, 1998
Check it out when you have a chance, and tell me what you think.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Spark ,
I was just going to put up post about front page , I guess you beat me to it .
The Finnish Puuko is Waaay Coool . Nice looking sheath too .
The Fallkniven F1 looks to be very useable and sturdy .
If I slip you a few bucks can you see that I am picked as the March winner ? (just kidding)
The F1 knife sure looks like a Carbon V CS Master Hunter. Does it come with a kydex sheath?
No, it comes with a leather sheath.

If you said the F1 had a family resemblance to the Cold Steel Master Hunter in stainless, you would be closer to the mark. I'm betting dollard to donuts that Fallkniven and Cold Steel hire the same Japanese factory to make them. The Fallkniven is a little shorter, with premium steel (VG10 - see the Spyderco forum for some discussion of it), and the handle material is slightly harder than Cold Steel's kraton.

The Fallkniven has all-out clean fit and finish. The Forged Puukko hsd s hammer and anvil finish. "Organic."

Nice look. More than just a pretty face. Still responsive.

It's hard to beat a good web page which shows such nice knives. That and a cup of coffee and I'm ready for the day.

Keep up the good work.
It looks good. I think that putting a puuko on the front page is a good way of introducing this relatively unknown blade to more people.
Hey Spark, great job! Bladeforums is getting better and better by the day!
It shows how much creativity, hard work, and dedication went into what I see before me. The site is growing by leaps and bounds! I just hope the server doesn't bog down due to traffic.

James, my hats off to you, for being very generous and donating this month's prize. I'm sure there will be a lot of expectant knife nuts around here doing the countdown (something like new year, hehehe).

I would just like to let you guys know, that I truly appreciate seeing all the dedication, all the generosity, and all the fun around me. In all my years on the net, I have yet to see a site that has everything above, under one roof. This is the first. Now I know why everybody feels at home here.

Keep up the good works!


I think this is the most visually appealing "cover" you've given us so far. Maybe that's just because I find the Puuko and Fallkniven designs attractive. I think the black background is very striking.

I just bought a Fallkniven F1 a couple of weeks ago. It's a good knife, well worth the money. I wouldn't mind winning another one.

David Rock

Will both of the featured knives go to a single winner, or will one each go to two different winners? I'd like to win both knives, of course, but having two drawings would improve my odds of winning something.

Also, are former winners still elligible? Fine with me if they are; I'm just curious.

David Rock
Both knives are going to one winner, so somebody is going to be very, very lucky this month.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I fell in love. The F1 is an extremely cute knife. I'm going to wait until the end of the month and then find a way how to buy a one.
The Internet is the worst way to import a knife to Croatia. Usually it's 40% above a local store price regardless the initial lower price.
Even if I'll win these knives I'll pay ca. $50 for fees, taxes etc.
Maybe I should visit Sweden.