New Blaze Orange Sheath for my GW

Jun 15, 2003
Well, I'm supposed to be taking this week off but the pull of the shop was just too great. Since I was in there helping my daughter and neice put together the knife "kits" I made up for them, I decided to knock out a little something for myself too.

Here it is, A blaze orange kydex sheath with small Tek-Lok for my GW. Its been a great carry knife for several months, and has earned itself a permanent place in my EDC rotation.

Thanks for looking.
looks good. once i saw the orange gw, i loved it. that sheath would look great with the ogw.
Thanks guys, and Thank You Jerry!

Morimotom, I hear ya. I've got my eyes open for one, that is once this Xmas credit card bill gets paid off!