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New Buck Models

Oct 3, 1998
Anyone handled the new Buck Intrepids? Kit Carson designed them and they look mighty strong.Good overall F/B utility with a choice of blade designs.Not even sure they are out yet.Any thoughts on these?This could be the shot in the arm Buck needs to get back up there.

Hi Bob,

I believe that these knives will give Buck a big shot in the arm. These are nicely made and look like they can stand up to a ton of abuse (though I have not used one yet) They are definitely "hackers" allright. They are also at dealers now, so check on availability before ordering if you have the desire eating away at you
From what I have heard/read elsewhere, these knives can really perform on land and underwater. I know that Howard Korn at the KnifeCenter is pretty excited about these knives, so I hope he can jump in and give us his 2 cents worth!
I have not used these either, but they seem like great tools. They fit the hand wonderfully, feel well balanced. They have "400" series steel (?) & removeable handles. The large one doesn't seem too larhe for a medium hand. They were designed by Kit Carson and seem great- at least creative