New Camp knife pic

Jun 10, 2001
This is a new Camp Knife I just finished, just thought I would do the pic a little different.
I have a color pic at my link in available knives.


Camp knife, Satin finish made from zone hardened,
cryo'd, tripple tempered 3/16" 5160 steel, Olivewood burl
handle SS Pins and lanyard liner, 7 1/2" blade 12 3/4" OAL
We really need a drooling smiley ;)
Me thinks its a winner.
I especially like that 3/16 blade.
Ebbtide out.
That is a hollow grind on this particular one.
Next comes a flat grind with a Micarta handle maybe!
Big camp knives are my favorites. A flat grind and Micarta would be really cool! Nice work.
Beautiful blade! Wish I could grab it; bad timing for me right now. What is your knife making bio, Robert?
Short Bio,
I started making knives some time ago but have become serious within the past year. Blade Forums and My knife club, Arizona Knife Collectors Assoc. has help me tremendously. We have members like Tim Hancock, D'Holder and many other excellant makers who are free with there advice and time.
This has helped me focus on improving each step in the knifemaking process, one at a time, untill I get the NOD:D
I am always trying to better the last knife I just made and realizing with each one where I can go with the next. Thanks for your interest and I appreciate all of the comments on my work.

Robert Hankins

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