new camping gear is arriving... yeah

Jul 23, 2004
getting back into the camping/outdoors life. I was absent for a while because of work, but it is time to make time for it again. it is so stress relieving being in the great outdoors :)

I just ordered a bunch of new stuff for my future camping excursions. I will list what I have below, and what I think I need. please feel free to suggest anything you feel I need... I am always looking for great help from my friends here at Blade Forums.

I am going to the Smokies (western North Carolina) on Thanksgiving day, and will be there for a while. I will post the results and what not after I get back.

items I have:
- Rokk Flat Iron, 3660 ci. internal frame pack
- 2 - 32 oz. water bottles that fit into the packs pockets
- Ka-bar Hobo 1300, camp knife set (snap together fork/knife/spoon)
- 7' x 7' backpacking 3 season tent from Bass Pro shops
- Becker BK7 combat bowie

this is all my new stuff. I already have some other stuff (sleeping bag, fire starters, more knives, etc) from the past that I will be using as well. I don't have time to list it all now, but if I get any suggestions from any of you... then I can compare my list of items to yours.

thanks to all for reading. I will look forward to comments and suggestions when I return from the mountains.

Looking forward to your review of the gear and any changes that you might make. Have fun! :)
Out into the forest! Wheeee!

I like to hammock camp with a tarp. You might consider taking a hammock along just for lounging. You might consider taking a tarp along to make a cooking and living shelter for rainy days. Or maybe just a backpacking poncho to keep your pack nice and dry and double as a cooking shelter.

If money's no object, think about getting one of the new ThermaRest self-inflating mats. Comfort, warmpth, low volume, reasonable weight. At least make sure your closed-cell foam pad is still effective.

Got a U-Dig-It shovel or plastic shovel and lots of unscented wipey-wipes? It's great to be able to freshen up in the mornings.

Sometimes I take along a candle in an aluminum holder for cozy light around the camp at night. Better for conversation than soloing, though.

Smartwool ANYTHING but especially socks. They'll keep your feet warm even when wet, and are downright cushy on your feet.

A watch cap or felt hood for sleeping makes it way easy to stay warm without a ton of extra clothes or sticking your head down inside your bag.

Do you have at least ten or twelve compasses from which to select when packing?

Get a heavy duty carabiner and tie a five-foot loop of paracord onto it. Wrap it up nice and snug and clip it to one of your shoulder straps. When you get to camp, wrap the cord around a tree and loop it over itself or tie it off so you can use the carabiner as a "sky hook" to hang your pack. (Pick a clean-barked tree with no sap.)

But for me the gear is just fun stuff to think about when I'm not actually standing in the forest listening to the wind rustle the leaves like the voice of the woods whispering joy into my heart.

Have fun.