New Carnivore

Apr 18, 1999
One of us just had a Birthday and his wife bought him a new REKAT Black T Carnivore. It's me. Am I lucky or what?

As I have read on the forums many times, the knife is somewhat rough in its operation and the scales are a bit too big for the frame. I guess that's why God made sand paper. Mine has the clip mounted for tip up carry.

In any event, I am quite pleased. I think new ground has been broken here. I have consulted the mortality tables and I think there are many birthdays to come.
I wonder if she knew she was setting a precedent here?!
You will like that knife. Some grind lines are so deep in the tang on REKAT's knives, though, you would be there for the rest of your life sanding. My Pioneer is like that. It actually seems worse now that it's polished it up. Go figure. Anyway, have fun tinkering with it! I fileworked mine, jeweled the scales, and a bunch of other stuff! I wish I hadn't fileworked the clip, though. Everything else looks really cool, but that came out looking a bit cheesy to me. I'll have to take it with me to Badger show and see what others think. Luckily I have a spare clip if votes are to scrap it!

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