New CASI Katana

Jan 13, 1999
Is there anyone here who got their hands on the new CASI "Practical Katana"? It's supposed to have the same blade as the Shinto but with less lavish furniture. I don't see how they can drop the price from $450 to $150 by doing only that.

Well I can't pass up on the deal, so ordered one anyways. We'll soon see.
Let me know what you think! I have a Musashi, great workmanship but pricey... Be fun to have thrasher that had good steel.
I am thinking of their hira-zukuri tanto instead!(since NO ONE is interested in making one for me..) They seem....nice. Any comments on that? What kind of steel are they using? Thanks. (BTW, who is this Paul Chen from HANWEI, anyway?...kinda' rhymes)
CASI's Hanwei blades are made from recycled Chinese railway tracks. Paul Chen, the owner of Hanwei, estimates this steel as similiar to American 1095 steel.

There was a lot of misinformation in the early days about his swords. Paul Chen (aka Chen Cha-Po) is not the sword maker, he owns the factory.

No, the quality isn't even close to the real thing. But for the price, he has no competition.

Bugei's standard katanas are made in Chen's factory. But they cost 3X that of the Shintos, Golden Orioles, and Musashis. But I don't know if these are really that much better.
tallwingedgoat; Thanks for the info. I'm still looking for custom makers but i'll consider it as an option. Thanks again.
Oh man! I just saw one of these $150 swords being advertised as "Handmade by Paul Chen" on ebay and sold for an absurd amount of money.

This is just a blatant lie. Chen's factory makes 'em in the thousands. Paul Chen would have to work pretty fast if he were handmaking them by himself.

Scott Slobodian makes unsurpassed tantos, if you have the dough.

I know several great smiths who specialize in Japanese blades if you need it.