New Commander, loud when opening

Jan 11, 2019
New Commander came in today. Clicks REALLY loud when barely opening. When the liner side detent ball comes out. Much louder than the lockup. Anyone else experience this before?

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All the recent Signature Series knives I have had as well as a few new Customs all sound like that. And my new standard Roudhouse. Click as the detent comes out of the blade and a squeak as it drags on the blade until it locks. I think it's just a bigger (taller) detent ball on knives being made with single detent now. I am sure Officer's Match Officer's Match can add to this, or explain something I may have explained incorrectly.
I think you nailed it my friend. IIRC, the single detent versions have a larger detent hole in the blade, and they are noticeably more "crisp".