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Oct 2, 1998
Another month, another cover: This month's giveaway knife is the Mission MPU, donated by <a href="" target="_blank">Mission Knives & Tools, Inc.</a> The cover <a href="" target="_blank">picture</a> features the MPU and SEALs on a SDV (SEAL Delivery Vehicle).

Mission Knives & Tools, Inc is the maker of the Mission MPK, a combat knife made from Beta-Alloy Titanium. The MPK is issued to over 19 Federal Agencies, and to military units worldwide whenever a low-mu certified knife is needed for EOD/Waterborne operations.

The MPU is a neck knife, made from 440C stainless steel, and comes with a neck/belt sheath.


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Another nice job, Spark. I think at the end of the year we have to vote on which "cover" we liked best. The Austim Powers theme is my current favorite. I look forward to Septembers.


Yea, great job on the forum's home page! I'm in agreement with Greg, we should have a vote on the favorite pic at the end 'o the year. As for the new knife up for grabs, all I can say is..."Oh yea, baby! Come to the Savman!"



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Honey, I swear that's the last knife I'm going to buy...

Im glad a couple of folks beat me to it, cuz I agree. You do a great job on those front pages, Spark.

Dito on the vote idea! I think I would have to go with this one so far...How about a skydiving one sometime? Now if I can only win this month!


Gotta go with the flow, Spark - another outstanding cover page.

Goes to show that good systems people have to be a lot more that just electron pushers! Keep up the excellent work!

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Is there a list of past winners of the monthly knives? I'd love to see the lucky bastiches who win...

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Nice work Spark!
The cover surprised me. Thanks.
We are right now working on the titanium MPUs.

By the way, now that Mike is on vacation with no Internet access, kind of leaves it open season for someone to "steal" you away from Bladeforums :)