New CQC-13

Jul 3, 2009
Hey guys, just got a new CQC-13. I love this knife but I am having a problem. The blade is way to stiff, when I losen the pivot to the point where it is "openable" without having to push to hard the blade gets too much play side to side, when I close the knife like this, the blade touches the non-liner lock side. Anyone have a fix for this?
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That's normal, all of my Emersons start out like that. Just adjust the pivot until its the perfect balance of ease of opening and blade-play, and leave it there. Over time things will smooth out a bit, and you can tighten up the pivot without making the knife too hard to open.
I took apart both of my Emerson knives as soon as I got them (CQC-10 and Combat Karambit). I simply used the same cleaner and lubricant as I use on my firearms. I cleaned the liners with Gunzilla, which is hands down the best CLP I have ever used. I then put a little Miltec-1 grease on the pivot points and put everything back together. The action was immediately smoother and I was able to tighten the pivot screw so that there was no blade play, yet I was still able to flick the blade open easily.
I'd keep it on the tighter side and see if it breaks in/smooths out with use. Better to have it be a bit more difficult to open than using a blade with too much play, IMO.