New CRKT's look interesting

They do look quite nice. And it's nice to see most have AUS-8 blades. What is 1.4116 tho?...looks to be an AUS-4/6 equivalent.
There was an article in one of the knife mags about the new 1.4116.
It looks pretty decent about Aus 8 or 440C. The hissatsu folder looks awesome sortoff proteck looking and way better than the ugly handle fixed blade.
guess they heard the complaints about 420 blades. I like the Elishewitz models and the Dogfish.
Allen Elishewitz has 2 coming out in 2007 with CRK&T. I know someone mentioned Kit Carson, and Tom Krein.
I'm liking what I'm seeing. ALOT!. Especially some of the Elishewitz folder....

I also like that Hissuatsu folder in black. :thumbup:

Would buy it today if it was available.
3CR13, does that mean .30% carbon? Well, I still like the Anubis.

Looks like it. CRKT mentions 9Cr18 on one of the new fixed blades. Looks like AUS-118 (.9 carbon & 18 chromium). Don't know what 3Cr13 is, though.

Some of the new stuff looks good... the Hissatsu folder especially.
Are you referring to the Crawford? There's quite some similarity, but this knife is based on Crawford customs, so merely incidental.
That hissatsu folder looks awsome! :thumbup: Also the C/K dragon and guppie are quite nice as well. :)
My favorite CRKT knife is the all metal Kasper/Crawford Professional model. With the AUS8 Blade. Its a strong knife, with a great blade. For 60 dollars It was a great buy. Looks like that hissatsu folder will be discounted for around that price too.
This one looks curious: (the two-finger ringers).
I wish they'd left some more metal around the rings for strength... wouldn't make much difference in weight.
The "clip point" is about the only one I'd really be interested in. One can only hope the sheaths aren't terrible for this new batch of fixed blades.