new CS products

Jun 6, 2000
I went over to the CS website the other day and noticed that they had updated their old site, and have a few new nice looking products such as this:


I also noticed that they have a few fixed blades with the steel labelled as "420 sub zero quenched". Can anyone tell me the quality of this? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard 420 sucks.

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did you see the Recon 1 ? with that new Ultra-lock....I do not remember this knife before looks really cool.
The Recon 1 is definitely on my to buy list as is the Ti-Lite(above knife). I wanna see how well the ultra lock performs. Phil Boguszewski is credited for helping with the design of the Ti-Lite.
WOW!!! Looking at that knife you'd think it was NOT a Cold Steel! They make some great blades, and now it is really great to see them stretching their wings and trying something new. Maybe we'll see better stainless steels and options for handles other than rubber too!

I think that SOG is doing things this way too. Just look at their Recondo and the switchplier. Tehy are stretching their wings and growing and people are paying attention.

"Come What May..."

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That Ti Lite looks pretty neat. I wonder at a retail of $199.00 if it will come down quite a bit for dealer sells. I love CS products, but I hope that this knife deserves it's price tag.
Thanks for the heads-up on CS's updated website.

I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!

I'm glad to see them adding a few new styles of product to their lineup.

I'll be following these new products with great interest.

OK now you "knifenuts", hurry on over to CS and pick-up a couple of these knives so that the rest of us can get a review.

--The Raptor--
voodoo.....Cold Steel is looking better and better....I am definately interested in their three new folder offerings, especially the new totally blacked out Scimitar.
No problem Raptor. I've always been a CS fan and the Ti-Lite is for sure one of, if not the best looking knife to come from them.
Rickmos...I'm thinking about getting the blacked out Scimitar for my brother as a Christmas gift. It may be hard letting go
Voodoo Child....I'm going to order one today if i can find one....1sks has no Scimitars in stock at all. If you buy direct from Cold Steel you will probably pay full retail.