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New Custom Fixed Blade Version of Wegner Clipit

I just picked up the first two proto-types of my new fixed blade from Phil Boguszewski, and as usual Phil's work is impeccable. The knife is intended to be a very functional , tough, slim, and lightweight HUNTER/FIGHTER. The 1/8" 440V blade@RC 57 is a 4.25" version of the custom Pro Hunter, better known as C48 Spyderco Clipit. The OAL is 9" with a full skeletonized tang and removable micarta slabs attached via "D-nuts". The purpose for this is to allow for an ultra slim carry option sans slabs. Being a fixed blade it needs no opening hole but retains the hump and serrated thumb rest

. The blade also has an unsharpened swedge that runs about 1 1/2" from the tip . It will be offered with a multi-functional Concealex sheath for belt or IWB carry. I hope to have the pricing options available by the time we get to the Blade Show.
Thanks Tim
Check out our website @ www.blade-tech.com
Will there be pictures soon, Tim? It's cruel to just tease us like this.

(Who loves his Spyderco Wegner)
Congrat's Tim! Hey Jack, I was recently up at Tim's shop and was able to see a sketch of his knife design...I'll definately be signed up to get one. Still, it would sure be nice to post a picture of the new prototypes; oh, and keep up the good work Tim,

Wow, a fixed version will be sweet indeed, I already love the folder! Will this be regular production or limited bench made ?

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Hope to see a picture soon.
As I'm sure this will be a very functional design, is this going to be the second fixed blade we see from spyderco?
Can't wait to see the pics.
You know the folder would be nice in 440V as well, just a thought.

God bless!

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"Military" Fans Unite!!

Any more info on this knife?


Tim will it be a production or custom knife and please give pic's (if you tell you have to show!) and price.
If all goes well, we should have pix of the new fixed blade and MOUSKINNA posted on our website in a day or two. The fixed blade will be a custom done in moderate sized batches. Orders should take approx 120 days for delivery (plus or minus a few weeks) with reservations in advance required at this time. If it takes off, I'll look for a production manufacturer (possibly Spyderco if they are interested). Of course It'll have a TEK-LOK / Concealex sheath.
We are looking at two versions #1. A Phil Boguszewski version with a 440V blade and #2. A Rob Simonich in Talonite. Both would sport micarta slabs.
As for pricing the Boguszewski will be around $200.-$225. w/sheath, the Simonitch around $300.-$325.w/sheath. This pricing is subject to change and I will do what I can to keep the price as low as possible.
Also FYI the custom Pro Hunters are available with 440V blades and an extra heavy duty titanium liner. This enhancement adds $50.00 to the listed catalog and website prices.
Custom MOUSKINNAS will be available with 440V
and titanium slabs only and the prices will be around $425.00 ea.
The Spyderco version may be available in the spring/summer 2000.

Tim Wegner