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New Elishewitz Benchmade

Feb 21, 1999
I just got a pre-production Elishewitz Benchmade model #880. I have to say that I like the new handle better than the one on the sentinal for carying, of course it is less attractive. So now for a question should I make the trip back to the knife store for the 6th day in a row to get one of the pre-production mini-axis? I have a pre-production regular axis and like it but....I am afraid the guys at the store are starting to talk about me behind my back, ever time I walk in the just ask which one today? Oh and does anyone know when the Pardue axis should be out?
But of coarse.. you should pick up the mini-axis. It needs the care that only you can provide. Besides you know it will just eat at you until you go and buy it
..so save yourself some grief.
Oh, and by all means let know what you think of it. I plan on getting one as well, they look great. Also plan on getting the Pardue whenever it comes out.

Where did I put my money? Oh yea, the knife dealer has it, but Look I got.
Hey Falcon,

I, too, think my local dealer's talking about me. I just found them about a month ago and so far I've both 6 BM's from them. Started off with a NIB 975. Last week, I found that they had the pre-production 705s, one of the "1 of 1000" Pinnacle's, a pre-production 880, and the new, smaller version of the Nimravus. Anway, the 705s left in my pocket and saw action on a canoe trip this weekend.

Being new, the action was tight, but after a few days of flicking it loosened up nicely. It can be closed one-handed now just like it's big brother. During the trip, it got wet within 1 minute of being on the water. I decided to try a kayak for the first time. Ended up wet three times, all the first day, first hour. My buddies got a kick out of it, but all I could think of was how the knives would survive (710 and 705s were on tethers and in my pockets). Dummy me didn't bring any gun scrubber or Break Free, so the internals of the knife stayed wet for 3 days. I hadn't even put my Tuf-Cloth on it yet. I could even hear some grinding from the limestone that abounds at the river. No worries though - it cleaned up nicely once I got home.

This is a great addition to BM's AxisLock line. (The size of the 710 made it a little too big around work - aren't politics great!?!?!) The factory edge is excellent on the 705s. No blade wabble. The clip was easily moved for lefthanded use (has #8 Torx screws rather than the #7's on the 710 I have).

The 705 is, IMNSHO, the perfect daily utility knife. I just can't wait for the production of plain edges to run so that I can retire my pre-production one. I've heard rumors of August, so I'll be at my dealer's quite a bit. He probably won't mind though. I can't seem to leave his full line of BM's without giving at least one a new home!

Forget what the dealer thinks and go get it before someone else does!


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Isn't the 880 called Darkstar? I handled one at my local dealer the other day, and I was impressed. The G-10 wasn't as nice looking as the anodized aluminum, but the gold Ti was a nice touch and the change to a real blade stop is a big improvement. It opened just like the 875, and felt the same. I love this knife, but it's just a bit too thin for heavy work. If you need a concealment knife, and who doesn't? This one is a good as they come.

Sheesh, my "old" Sentinel is still my bestest buddy. Why did they have to change a perfect knife?? Bummer.

Well, now I just have to wait for my new Nimravus I ordered yesterday. hee hee hee

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