New FBM Sheath by CoK Tactical

Aug 21, 2006
Introducing Crap on Knife Tactical's latest offering: Combining the latest in textile and synthetics technology, I'm happy to announce the release of our newest sheath, "The Fornicator".


Place your orders here!!

P.S. Where's the best (or a good) place to get a dundee rig for my new love?
Nice sheath:eek:

Try to contact Leatherman. He makes beautiful leather sheaths:thumbup:
we need a pic of the knife alone. is that od/snakeskin?

and for leather,

leatherman makes great dundee rigs.
LeatherHog will do your sheath up RIGHT if you're looking for leather. Kydex, Dave Brown makes a good setup....
Nauga's get pretty big JWB

They have been known to be vicious in the wild BUT you can tame them if car is taken!!

morim, here are a couple more pics I took in a size comparison earlier for someone who had a rat-7:


I had a couple more in the first post I made after I received the thing if you're looking at color combos.

Anyhow. I'm interested in this Leatherman feller. I checked out his site, dig the runes. I'm gonna try and get in touch with him. How much would a piece like this typically cost, ballpark? I know there are alot of variables, but any help would be appreciated.
Okay, sorry, found his pricing page...

Any recommendation on options (kydex add, etc..). Would a dundee rig hold this blade well? I'm out of my element!
Not as nice as my original Busse Postal 'Priority Mail' camo cardboard and tape sheath!