New FBM Sheath (pic inside)

Jul 27, 2006
Here is the Concealex sheath I just finished tonight for the FBM.
This is only the 2nd Sheath I've ever made.

Actually it's .080 Kydex on the back, and .093 Concealex on the front.
Only had the small diameter rivets, so that's what I used.

No optical illusion, I'm a lefty.


Still need to make the belt fastener piece for the back.
That looks really nice!! Do you also have pics when you where making it?
Good Job! I've completely given up on concealex after turning lots of $$$ into crooked goo. You seem to have it dialed in, and it looks great!
No pics while making it, sorry, I was Consentratin' ;)
Got a Kydex Press for Christmas, so it's my new passtime, melting plastic around stuff.

Thanks for all the kind words. Luckily I still have enough material to make another one.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being toughest to work with.....
Kydex is a 3 , Concealex is a 9.0

Finally took my wife's toaster oven downstairs. Concealex seems to need longer and even heat, but it finally hits a point where it kinda goes limp.
Then you gotta work fast!

Kydex does just fine with only a heat gun, and seems to stay workable a little longer.