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Oct 2, 1998
Here's some of the cool stuff we can do now that we upgraded.

[*]Email Ban List added: We can ban whole domains (all hotmail emails, for example) or specific emails ( We don't plan on doing this, but it's a nice thing to have.
[*]UBB On/Off switch added- useful for when we upgrade the forums. We can now turn the forums off while upgrading or performing maintenance. Visitors receive a notice that the forums are temporarily down when UBB is off.
[*]UBBFriend feature added. Allows visitors to email a recommended topic page to a friend.
[*]IP Log/Display: allows us to log and/or display IP numbers for all posted messages. One more tool to fight the flamers, not like that's a problem though.
[*]Added Prune By User option to control panel- useful for pruning all posts by a particular user in one or all forums. Another anti flamer/troll tool, watch what happens when I select Mike's profile...

[*]New Posting Restriction options- new settings allow for greater flexibility in posting permissions. For instance, we can now designate a forum so that only admins and moderators can post new topics, while anyone can reply. This is good for a possible "Manufacturer's Press Releases" forum.
[*]Private Forum Option- now we may designate a forum as completely private, meaning that its topics may not be read or posted to by anyone other than admins, moderators, and users we have given express permission to do so.
[*]Added Anonymous Posting Option- now you can allow non registered visitors to post notes in a forum, if you desire. We can do this in any forum we wish, but reserve the option to shut this down at any time should it become abused.
[*]Added email validation to registration, so if the email bounces, the profile doesn't get registered.
[*]Added check to ensure that unregistered users posting on forums that allow unregistered postings do not use names already reserved by registered users
[*]Daily Active Topic List added to opening page- displays topics in all open (non private) forums that have been posted to that day.
[*]Added "search All Posts By User" link to profile view
[*]Added new UBB Code called
[*]Added means to navigate to next and previous topic threads from topic pages themselves.
[*]Added private forums search
[*]Added message to the email received by moderators when moderator notify is turned on
[*]Added Mail Users option to control panel- way to email all registered users in forum (except those that do not want to receive such mailings).  So we can email you guys with updates to the forums, news, special deals, etc!
[*]Other smaller changes...

Hope you like the new digs, we like them already!


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Looks good Spark, no small task what you are doing, the "search All Posts By User" link
seems like a good one, for example, 1Bald-
Bob, has a lot of good info out there,
also, many others.
The # of members seems fun.
Keep up the good work!

Mark C.

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