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New forum idea

Jan 6, 2000

How about a forum to serve as a classified section for job listings within the cutlery industry? For example, a forum like this could hook up:

Dealers looking for sales people
Manufacturers looking for CAD programmers
Custom makers looking for photographers

I can't think of anywhere else you can go to see job listings like this. I'm sure some folks would be willing to relocate for the right job so this would sure beat advertising in the local paper.

What all y'all think?


Bully! That's a good idea. I'd restrict it to "full-time direct" employment. Services such as photography, scrimshaw, engraving, etc. are more a topic for the existing Makers/Manufacturer forums. But, I know a lot of folks who'd love to work more or less full-time for either a custom maker or a manufacturer and I also know that makers and manufacturers often have trouble finding people with the right skills and passion. A forum could help those two groups unite.

Balisongs -- because it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!
Not a bad idea. I am finishing up with my degree this year and hope to get a full time job with a knife manufacturer. Hopefully they will take a chance on an old guy like me.

Dennis Bible

Sounds like a great idea to me. I'll be getting out of the military in a few months and would love a job like that.

Anxiously awaiting my BM 42A
I think most manufacturers are looking for people who are in their area. They are welcome to use there own forum to look for people now if they want to. A new forum for that would probably only take up more space and not get much traffic. The idea is a good one but I think it would have a negative impact on the site as a whole if it did not get enough traffic. If the manufacturers request it I will be happy to do. So with that the ball is actually in their court.

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Mike Turber
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