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>>>>New Forums!<<<<

Oct 2, 1998
It is a great pleasure to offer you guys several new forums which will come online over the next few days.

First is the AKTI forum which will be moderated by CJ Buck of the world famous Buck family.

(CJ is on the left and Chuck is on the right)
CJ Buck will bring a wealth of knowledge to our forum and he will have the help of Sal Glesser President of Spyderco and Les De Asis President of Benchmade. This will be your chance to ask questions of AKTI and also we highly recommend joining so show your support!

When the forum opens give these guys a huge BF welcome!

On Monday we will start the Emerson Knives forum.

It will be moderated by Emerson Knives and Ernie has promissed to drop in and say HI from time to time as time permits. Reenie Raines will also help moderate the forum and we appreciate his experience and expertise on Emerson knives and his custom knives. Anyone with a "Emerson Knives" Tatoo has got to have tons of knowledge to share!

I am now a Emerson distributor and will help out as well.

JSP BladeRigger will also have their forum hosted here.

James is a great guy and his products are truly unique and warrant a forum. He has several new designs comming out so look for them in his new forum. Also he will be donating some cool stuff for our monthly giveaway so look for that soon as well.

Several companies have expressed interest in having a forum here so look for many exciting things to come!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Remember that meeting we had where I said I'd try to limit my time on the forums to 1.5 hours a day? (I gotta learn to read faster, I guess...Evelyn Wood, where are you?!)
Thanks a lot Mike, I like the way that you and Spark are working to always improve and make Blade Forums grow. Blade Forums and us members have a great future a head of us.
Thanks, y'all
Chris, Top of Texas Knives


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I spent some time over at the Blade Show training and hanging with Rennie R. and James P. Great guys.

Rennie is a bear of a man but friendly.
He was kind enough with Don Rearic (another great guy) to wait at the airport and pick me up -- pretty much a stranger up to that point. I purchased some of the products carried my Rennie and talked about others. I like doing business with the guy.

James P. stuff is high quality and "unique" (I guess I can say that.) James is really into putting out stuff that meets the needs of the tactical crowd. He spend some time listening to feedback from users about likes and dislikes and how to improve his products (not all of which are blade related.)

I would frequent any place where these two decide to park their virtual address.

Oh Yeah, I finally joined AKTI at the show. The SypderCo folks were very good about reminders...

Sounds great! We could use more forums on quality knifemakers. That and free knives are always good.

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